Information on what features are coming up and current progress on them. The "Current Objectives" section is updated regularly with where the project lies

important note! team members wanted!

Considering this project has grown to over 20,000 lines of code (let alone all the Pokemon Showdown code it deeply integrates with) across multiple servers and databases, it's about time a team is assembled! There should be more information about that by late July 2021 (and if there isn't feel free to contact the email below about the status), so stay tuned if you're a capable programmer, knowledgeable Pokemon battler, or both.

Once the team is formed, the plan is for the whole talk about what we can and want to do, then decide together on the project's next objectives. Therefore, the lists of objectives below are gone as they're greatly subject to change based on those meetings and will be updated once a game plan is set.