Information on what features are coming up and current progress on them. The "Current Objectives" section is updated regularly with where the project lies

Current objectives

With the AI working properly and almost all used battle formats added to the battle predictor, the next step is adding double battle support. At first glance, this will be more difficult than anticipated, but still doable in a timely manner.

Short Term Goals

(Next few weeks)

  • Better optimize Future Sight AI and see results running off powerful hardware

Mid Term Goals

(Next few months)

  • Make the models disconnected form specific meta-games / Pokemon

    • This is doozy as instead of having all the Pokemon names as attributes, the attributes of being 6 sets of stats, types, abilities, etc. This would allow training on battles from all the different meta-games and hopefully create a battle predictor that can work on any battle. The only reason this wasn't done in the first place is my computer would explode with the amount of data that is required for training.

  • Enable the extension to train on the current opponent's behavior during a battle so it can be more accurate to the specific situation

  • Predicting other aspects of the game (Pokemon's held item, ability, etc)

  • Make models to predict Random Battle formats

  • Make models to predict particular players

Long Term Goals


  • Add the extension's functionality directly to Showdown

  • Find different models better suited for the task

  • Apply new and existing models to building the best Pokemon teams

  • Take this beyond just an extension

  • What other games could this work on...