Future Sight AI

What is Future Sight AI:

Future Sight AI is a program which learns to plays Pokemon like a human and at a competitive level a computer program. The AI can determine how likely it is to win at the end of a given turn and use that information to rank the paths a move choice can take it down. This method, looking at turns in advance and choosing the ones most favorable to you, is the same one used by the best chess playing AIs, and now those same techniques can be applied to Pokemon.

However, unlike chess, Pokemon is a game that involves random chance, information unavailable to both players, and a highly variable set "pieces" (a.k.a. Pokemon) and their potential moves. These additional factors makes creating an AI for this game in this way significantly more difficult to complete and interesting to solve. Despite those challenges, the result of the application is an AI that which more than matches human play and can climbed the rankings on Pokemon Showdown to become one of the top 5% of players in the most popular competitive format.

How Does It Work:

"How an A.I. Is becoming the world's best pokemon player"

This is a video overviewing how the AI works and how well it did. There are, however, many parts which were cut for time or relevance like my analysis on the kind of plays it makes and potential future applications. Because some may still find those sections interesting, the full transcript of the video with those extra sections are available on "How FSAI Works" page.

Watch the Ai in Action

See Future Sight AI battle along side some in-game analysis!

Future Sight AI's CUrrent setUp

Turns Looking Ahead: 0

Battles Playable at Once: 15

Supported Battle Formats:

Gen 8 OU Gen 8 UU

Gen 8 RU Gen 8 NU

Gen 8 PU Gen 8 Ubers

Gen 8 Little Cup Gen 8 National Dex

Gen 8 Monotype Gen 7 OU

Gen 7 UU Gen 7 Ubers

Gen 7 Monotype Gen 6 OU

Gen 5 OU

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