Pokemon Battle Predictor

The future of battling is now in sight

Pokemon Battle Predictor is a browser extension for Pokemon Showdown which uses TensorFlow.js machine learning models trained on 2,000,000+ battles to tell you the current probability of:

  • Who will win the battle

  • Your opponent switching out or choosing a move

  • Which move they will use if they stay in

  • Which Pokemon they will switch to if they switch

Future Sight AI is a program that learns to play Pokemon like a human and at a competitive level. It uses several artificial intelligence techniques to predict its opponent's next move, calculate hidden information about the opponent's team, and pick its move which will most increase its chance of winning.

With this approach, the AI reached the top 5% of players globally in the most popular competitive format. There's still plenty of room for improvement, and this website is here to keep track of its journey to the top!

About the Developer

Hi, my name is Albert III! You can learn more about me at TheThirdBuild.com